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Hello and welcome, valued readers. I am Nerdy N8, and I am an avid comic book reader who has decided to share his thoughts on a variety of comics from a variety of publishers. With luck, you will enjoy reading these reviews and maybe even discover some comics that you may want to buy and read for yourself.

I have a preference for comic books detailing the adventures of young characters, and I have read more material from DC Comics than any other publisher. However, this blog will feature reviews on comics of all sorts of comic titles from multiple publishers.

I love to engage in conversation about comics and the characters we all know and love. On that note, I encourage anyone who reads my blog to comment on any of the posts. In addition, I personally do not mind if you comment on an older blog post. I am ready and willing to have a conversation about any of the reviews I write! We are here because we love comics, so let’s have fun and discuss and compare our thoughts in a positive way.

I am also open to recommendations. If you have a comic you would like for me to read and/or review, let me know! You can do so by putting the recommendation in a comment on any of my posts, or you can do so by contacting me directly, which you can do through various means—as found on the Contact page.

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